Coalition of Human Rights Organizations condemns the human rights abuses in Belarus.

Lina Kivaka / nuotr.

We express our support to Belarusian civil society as it fights for its fundamental rights and we stand in solidarity with Belarusian human rights organisations, which have been defending universal and indivisible human rights in their country for years. Your daily struggle for freedom and democracy is an example to all of us.

The Coalition of Human Rights Organisations in Lithuania condemns human rights violations that are being committed in Belarus. Persecutions, coercion, unlawful detentions, violence, and repressive actions against the civil society that legitimately insists on free elections indicate a deep human rights crisis. It has been shaped by persistent, brutal, and systemic human rights violations, such as the right to freedom of assembly and freedom of expression, the right to a fair trial or the right to life, as death sentences, torture, and forced disappearances have become a norm.

The human rights situation in Belarus has been incomprehensible for many years and in the light of current events it calls for an urgent and unequivocal response of the international community and leaders of the European Union.

We encourage everyone to support the fight of people of Belarus and stand in solidarity during the Freedom Way this Sunday, 23rd August. We also invite you to express your solidarity daily in front of the Belarusian Embassy in Vilnius.