Centre for Equality Advancement

Centre for Equality Advancement - non-governmental organisation, that for more than 15 years has been working towards strengthening and ensuring equal rights between women and men and lessening discrimination in the society. The organisation delivers trainings and seminars, actively organises information campaigns, prepares various publications and carry out other activities to popularise the idea of equality.

The Jewish (Litvak) Community of Lithuania

The Jewish (Litvak) Community of Lithuania - non-governmental organisation, which seeks to gather Lithuanian Jews community in Lithuania and abroad and to preserve and foster Jewish traditions. The NGO actively executes and funds various projects, has a social centre, which organises events and trainings for the Jewish community; for the past three years has been managing a cafe ‘Bagel Shop’, where the general public can be introduced to Jewish food and traditions.

Lithuanian Centre for Human Rights

Lithuanian Centre for Human Rights (LCHR) - non-governmental organisation that has been working in the fields of protection of human rights and education for more than 20 years. Every year LCHR organises the biggest non-commercial documentary film festival in the Baltic States, ‘Inconvenient Films’; the centre has created and manages web page on human rights and a free documentary film platform for teachers and educators; actively works in advocacy.

National LGBT Rights Organisation LGL

National LGBT Rights Organisation LGL - the only non-governmental organisation in Lithuania, that exclusively represents the interests of LGBT community. LGL association, which started its operation on the 3rd of December, 1993, is one of the most firmly established and steadily operating organisations in the public sector of the country. LGL seeks to achieve the effective involvement and social integration of the LGBT community in Lithuania; organises annual ‘Baltic Pride’ festival.

Mental Health Perspectives

Mental Health Perspectives - non-governmental organisation, that was established in 2000 and specialises in the field of mental health. The main mission of the organisation is to contribute to the well-being of society and especially its most vulnerable groups, through consolidation of their fundamental right to accessible, evidence-based and person-centred services, whilst also prioritising mental health at the political level.

Roma Community Centre

Roma Community Centre (RVC) - non-governmental organisation, which seeks to gather and unite Lithuanian Roma community, to celebrate their cultural identity and to integrate them into the Lithuanian society as well as to inform the general public about the Roma culture and the discrimination experienced by this community. RVC carries out various projects, collects information on Romani statistics and history, distributes and disseminates information, organises events, engage in the public education.

Tolerant Youth Association

Tolerant Youth Association (TYA) - non-governmental organisation, that has started its operation in 2005, which strives to foster tolerance and respect of the general public towards various social groups. The association disseminates information, executes various projects and organises events - summer camps, film nights, discussions; TYA also contributes written material to the news portal

Human Rights Monitoring Institute

Human Rights Monitoring Institute (HRMI) - non-governmental public advocacy organisation, advocating for full compliance of national laws and policies with international human rights obligations. HRMI carries out research, drafts legal and policy briefings, complies reports to international human rights bodies, delivers trainings, provides expert consultations and undertakes strategic cases concerning the questions of human rights.