The Coalition of Human Rights Organisations (HROC) in Lithuania (HROC) is an association of human rights organisations, that currently has 8 members.

HROC is open to other possible memberships. Organizations, which want to become members of HROC need to provide a free-form request and motivational letter to the board chairperson of the coalition. Presently, the board chairwoman is Virginija Aleksejūnė, who is the director of Center for Equality Advancement (email:

ŽTOK posėdžio akimirka, 2017 m. ruduo/ HROR meeting, fall 2017.

New members are accepted through voting during annual general meeting, that takes place in April; after shared agreement of all of the existing members.

Priority is given to the organisations, which are working in the areas of human rights that current HROC members do not represent.

Yearly membership fee – 50 euros.